Drink Menu

These are only suggestions. If there is something else you would like, please ask.


Choose your tier. Once you have chosen a tier, we will work with you to select wines that match your tastes. There are approximately 5 glasses of wine in a bottle.

House; Premium or Top-Shelf.


There is an option to work with our brewer with advanced notice to create your own style. We are also able to order domestics or imports of your choice.


Choose your tier


Vodka: Tovarich/Eclusive
Rum: Bacardi Superior
Gin: Beefeater
Tequila: El Jimador
Whisky: Old Overholt


Vodka: Stoli
Rum: Captain
Gin: Tanqueray
Tequila: Patron
Whisky: Jack Daniels


Vodka: Kettle/Goose
Rum: 10 Cane
Gin: Hendricks
Tequila: Herradura
Whisky: Crown/Makers

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

San Peligrino Sparkling or Still Water
Flavored Lemonade (classic, peach or strawberry)

We also provide glassware and bartending services! Fees available upon request.

Hosted Bar

We offer three options for hosted bars:

Option 1:
Wines, beer and liquors provided by Sontes Catering/Grand Rounds.

Option 2:
Wines, beers and liquors provided by Tessa’s Office Wine Shop
Our partnership with Tessa’s Office Wine Boutique lets us offer an unmatched variety of wines, beers and liquors at every price point. Make your own selections or ask us for recommendations. If you choose this option, there is no corkage fee and our bar tending fee is $15 per hour per bartender with a 4 hour minimum.

Option 3:
Provide your own wines, beers and liquors and use our bartenders
Shop for your event beverages at your preferred retailer. If you choose this option, corkage and bartending fees will apply. You are responsible for delivery of all beverages to the event venue and pickup of any unused items after the event